Heart to Heart: Secrets to My First $4K Day and More

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HEAT-TO-HEART START: In this free training, I want to warn you about the sharks and liars in the I.M. game and how to avoid them…

…and give you five powerful tricks  I acquired that jump-started my success when I first got into the game…

I got myself out of debt, and was able to fire my boss WITHOUT being any kind of guru, earned my first $4k day working at home, and stuff like that…

And I want you to do the same.

Watch the full episode below:

I really put a lot of thought and personal revelations in this training.

Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did recording.


Justin Opay & Dexter Paglinawan

~ NextLevelPreneur

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13 thoughts on “Heart to Heart: Secrets to My First $4K Day and More

  1. Robin Lauscher

    im also trying to clean up I.M. ..i have a site that exposes people and groups who steal peoples money and lie to get it . E-com Payday Systems is a platform which users can leave their grievence with us and we do our best to track them down and make them accountable or expose them to everyone .

  2. Paul Godden

    Thanks for sharing your Journey Dexter. It’s so easy to believe one day you just ‘started’ as an IMer and found instant overnight success.

    All the best to you and your beautiful family.


  3. Eric Estrella

    Hi Dexter Paglinawan

    Great video presentation and site! I am very lucky to stopping by here, by the way my name is Eric Estrella from Philippines also. I’m doing affiliate marketing, more than 1 year already and I’m losing hope already if I can be successful in this kind of industry. Because I try so many product but I don’t know why I can’t generate a income. If you don’t mind I want to hear from you some advice what I need to do to become successful. Thanks a lot and I really appreciated! I’m looking forward to your respond!

    Kindest regards,

    1. Next Level Preneur Post author

      Hello Eric, thanks for vising. I truly understand the pain of almost giving up. You know, I’d advice three things: 1) do a product launch 2) learn FB ads 3) build a review blog / or a YouTube channel (would usually take time).

      All of these should be anchored to you building a list. These actually are the actual business models I use. It takes more work than what the usual $5 courses would tell you… but they’re proven. And anybody can do it =)

  4. Mayowa

    i paid for the cpa tactis and all the upsells, but i dont know how to access the course and the other things i paid for, please help me out

  5. Laura Francis

    I found your story touching and quite BELIEVABLE Dexter and I have been struggling with IM for some time now and have paid for 3 websites that are ECOM and haven’t sold a thing yet. Hoping to figure it out soon and listening to your heart to heart webcast gave me hope that I can someday do this. Thanks for sharing with the world. You are either a GREAT liar or a very humble, lovely guy!! All the best to you and your lovely family Dex.

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